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How Can Medical Insurance Pay for My Eye Exam?

Did you know that your medical insurance can pay for your eye exam even if you don’t have vision coverage?

It’s true. We are always surprised that many patients do not know this fact.

If you have a medical insurance with no vision coverage, and you have a medical complaint (for example: dry eyes, burning eyes, floaters in your vision or a history of a medical eye problem to name a few), your medical insurance can pay for your exam. You only pay your co-pay and a small fee for the refraction (You know, the test: which is better 1 or 2?). Of course, your policy’s deductibles, co-insurances and allowances still apply just like a visit to your medical doctor.  We even do all the necessary insurance billing! However, you must have a medical complaint. If you say you are in for a routine exam, your medical insurance will not pay for the exam.

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